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PlantEd In Nature

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

I may have become an unsuspecting cannabis queen over the last four years, but my love of all things plant medicine runs deep. Plants and flowers are not some passive greenery, only getting their value when us humans realise they are good for us. Without plants we are nothing. They were here before us, and I guarantee they will be still be here long before the human race has crashed and burned.

And believe it or not, back living in London after 10 years in Spain, I feel more connected than ever to the plants and trees around me. Every morning as I walk my dog in the ancient woodlands near Muswell Hill, their stillness and patient wisdom stops me in my tracks.

Coldfall Woods

Being an urban plant appreciator can feel a lonely path. Stopping and observing is not a fashionable past time, unless you're forest bathing, which I've been told is all the rage. So, when I discovered a collective of ballsy northern women were launching an initiative called PlantEd, I practically ran off in delight to hug a tree.

PlantEd was started by Carly Barton, Jade Proudman, Abby Hughes, Liz Dyer, and Victoria Logan, most of whom use the cannabis plant medicinally. While cannabis is their passion, their bid to educate about plants does not end there. Head to their website and you'll find videos about Bach Flower Remedies and personal blog posts about Sunday nights micro-dosing with psilocybin.

PlantEd had its official launch on the 1st December which saw the girls share the stage with Ricki Lake (yes that Ricki Lake) and Abby Epstein, the producers of documentary Weed The People .

PlantEd Launch

Through the story of Chico, a young boy with rhabdomyosarcoma who thanks to cannabis oil was able to come off the highly addictive opioids, the audience saw first hand the transformative power of the cannabis plant. The girls themselves shared their own personal experiences of how cannabis had bought physical and mental transformation to their lives.

PlantEd provides a much needed female voice in what can sometimes feel like a world where the power of plants are merely another way to make money. This doesn't make the PlantEd Collective any less serious about their mission; it just means they're inhabiting a heart-centred space where our connection to the sacredness of plants is valued and explored.

For more information about PlantEd, please head to their website where you can subscribe to their mailing list.

And check out this super cool video from the launch.

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