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Past Articles


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UK Epileptic Children Denied Cannabis Prescriptions - Project CBD

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Women Patient Cannabis Activists Fighting for Change - Project CBD

Cannabis and Autism -- A Complex Pairing - Project CBD

Brexit Fall Out - UK Kids Can't Get CBD Medicine - Project CBD

Europe's CBD Conundrum - Project CBD 

CBD and Cannabis for Endometriosis - Project CBD

CBDA -- The Raw Story - Project CBD

Making Medical Cannabis History - Project CBD

Feeling Corona-crazy. Give Your Endocannabinoid System a Boost - Project CBD


Cannabis, CBD and Anxiety - Project CBD

CBD as a Steroid Sparing Treatment - Project CBD 


Cannabis in Palliative Care - Project CBD

Cannabis Instead of Polypharmacy - Project CBD

The CBD Silly Season - Project CBD

Using Cannabis to Treat Cancer - Project CBD

Cannabis and the Immune System: A Complex Balancing Act - Project CBD

CBD For Brain Damaged Babies - Project CBD

Cannabis And The Entourage Effect - The Truth Beyond the Hype - The Cannapedia

Medical Cannabis for Pets - Kalapa Clinic

CBD for Lung Cancer - What We Know So Far - Kalapa Clinic 

CBD for Depression - Kalapa Clinic 

Cannabis and Sex - Here's What The Science Has To Say - The Cannigma

What To Do If You Get Too High On Cannabis - The Cannigma

What Is The Entourage Effect - The Cannigma

CBD and Yoga - The Perfect Combination - Meda

The Endocannabinoid System and Why It Matters - Meda

Why CBD Brings Balance To Our Bodies and Minds - Spirit of Hemp

Five Ways to Calm Overwhelm - Spirit of Hemp

CBDA Vs CBD - What's the Difference? - Spirit of Hemp

Why I Wish Doctors Could Prescribe My Mother Medical Cannabis - Huffington Post

Cannabis and the Entourage Effect - Truth Beyond the Hype - The Cannapedia

How to Naturally Boost Our Bliss Neurotransmitter - Elephant Journal

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CBD Myths and Facts - Huffington Post 

If you do one thing for your health in 2017, look after your endocannabinoid system - Huffington Post 

Medical Cannabis in the UK - Time for change - Huffington Post 

The Endocannabinoid System and why so few people know about it - The Cannapedia 

11 Amazing ways cannabis can prevent illness - Collective Evolution  

Anandamide - the body's own antidepressant and how to boost it naturally - Medium


Non-Cannabis Articles

We can all learn something from refugees - Huffington Post 

At Ayahuasca retreats, can vomiting and hallucinations lead to a better life - CNN Online 

Can Spain save horses dying on Andalusia pilgrimage from dying? - BBC Online


Rural idyll not such a paradise for dogs - El Pais  

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