Everyone has a story of how they ended up working in the medical cannabis industry.


My journey started with the terminal diagnosis of pancreatic cancer of a dear friend's mother. In the last couple of month's of her life she'd been given cannabis oil, which did something that morphine could not. It allowed her to see out her final weeks with almost no pain and with complete lucidity. In short, she was given the chance to die with dignity.

As a journalist I knew the power of words. So I swore to my friend that I would do something about the utter unjustness that means millions of people around the world are denied access to the healing potential of the cannabis plant.


Fast forward a few weeks and I found myself at a hemp fair in Seville where I live in Spain. A week later I was hired as a full time writer for Endoca, a Danish CBD company. Since then my life has been dedicated to educating the world about cannabis, CBD and the endocannabinoid system through original, well-researched, concisely written, and easily digestible articles.

Summer (2020), my position as one of the most respected Europe-based medical cannabis writers will be cemented by the publication of my book, 'The CBD Book: The Essential Guide to CBD Oil' (Harper Collins), which is available to preorder, from which I got the inspiration to start my podcast 'Cannabis Voices.'

I am also Chief Editor at CPASS (Cannabis Patient Advocacy and Support Services). As part of its nurses arm, CPASS provides education and training to nurses about how best they can support their patients who are using medical cannabis. Watch out for our MDT series which I will moderating focussing on the application of cannabis medicines in chronic pain, mental health, palliative care and oncology, neurological disorders and women's health. 


Mary Biles | Medical Cannabis Writer | Podcaster | Educator | marycbiles@gmail.com