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CBD Brands I Trust

As a CBD industry insider, I often get asked for CBD brands or products I personally recommend. There's no definitive answer, but applying my own personal filter of organic certification, transparency and excellent customer care, these are the brands I currently recommend. 

















Spirit of Hemp

A small but committed CBD company using certified organic hemp to produce a wide range of full spectrum CBD products for oral and topical use. As well as CBD, they put extra emphasis on the benefits of terpenes, adding a unique blend back into their oils.

For more information, head to their online shop. 


Established in 2015 when hardly anyone had heard of CBD in the UK, Cannawell has a great range of full spectrum CBD products extracted from organic certified, sun grown hemp. 

Head to their online shop for more information.



Endoca is one of the few CBD companies that controls the whole production process from seed to shelf - they grow their own organic hemp in Europe - which is then used to create their wide range of full spectrum CBD products.

Endoca are industry pioneers and their products are hard to beat and have Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification which is only usually reserved for pharmaceutical products. 

Check out their online shop

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