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Medical Cannabis Content Creation
Medical cannabis content creation
Medical cannabis content creation

Medical Cannabis Writer  

Education and Training

CBD Content Consultant

Medical cannabis is a confusing issue for many people, and it's not uncommon to find mistruths and inaccuracies spread by an uninformed media and even some CBD companies themselves.


I provide accurate, accessible, easy to understand education through CBD and medical cannabis workshops, as well as online training for journalists/content writers, health professionals, and complementary health therapists. 

"Mary’s training is a great way to learn about CBD and its benefits without having do hours and hours of reading research. She’s also great at ‘translating’ the research for anyone to understand. It helped build my confidence around the subject, especially in recommending it to my nutrition clients." Taelor Bennet - Nutritionist

I am one of the few Europe-based writers specialising in medical cannabis and CBD, and have recently authored The CBD Book: The Essential Guide to CBD Oil (Harper Collins), due out summer 2020.


I regularly contribute to Project CBD, the Cannigma, the Kalapa Clinic, and the Huffington Post.


I combine an eye for a good story with a solid understanding of the science behind why medical cannabis is both an ancient and a 21st century answer to many illnesses.

"I came to know Mary by one and a half years ago. Since then, I have kept track of her divulgative and educational activities on the therapeutic effects of cannabis and cannabinoids, especially CBD. She successfully combines literary creativity with scientific rigour, which allows high-quality and easy-to-read pieces of work."

Manuel Guzmán, Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Complutense University, Madrid

As one of the most experienced CBD content writers in the business, I understand the challenges companies face creating engaging and useful content that remains on the right side of compliance with regulators such as the MHRA and FDA.

As a CBD content consultant, I offer companies services such as compliance audits, highlighting any existing content that is in breach of regulations (and how it can be best amended), training sessions for in-house content writers, as well as formulating individualised content strategies to create content that is not only educational for customers but drives valuable traffic to a website.  

What people in the cannabis space say about Mary Biles:

Mary Biles is a gifted journalist who writes about cannabis science and medicine with nuance, grace, and righteous indignation. She's top notch when it comes to making complex science accessible and rendering personal accounts that highlight the potential and challenges of this insurgent healing modality. Project CBD is proud to publish her work!

Martin A. Lee, director, Project CBD

I was attracted to Mary’s writing for over a year before approaching her to write for our blog at Spirit of Hemp. Mary’s writing is consistently high quality, well researched, trustworthy, clear and engaging. Mary is very skilled when it comes to making the scientific research digestible and interesting for all.   Now we have worked together for over two years I can further attest to her unwavering integrity and care in every respect. I am  deeply grateful for her all Mary contributes and look forward to enjoying a long collaboration with her.

Louise Callinan, Founder and Owner,


We turned to Mary because we where looking for an expert in professional writing and editing on CBD and Cannabis topics. With her background as a TV producer and journalist, her skills in writing and editing have gone far beyond what many other professional writers can do. If you are looking for the best writer out there, look no further. The results have been amazing from her work!

Imanuel Kashani, Executive Manager, Endoca

With the many journalist and radio presenters we have been interviewed by regarding our daughter Ava, Mary Biles has over time been one of the people I have felt happiest to speak with regarding highlighting her case. Mary's beautiful writing is enhanced by her compassion and empathy, her easy going manner, and her ability to place the facts correctly and consistently, leaving one with the confidence that when Mary calls, it's going to be a great article.

Vera Twomey, Mother and Medical Cannabis Activist

As an educator in holistic healing modalities, whenever I come across writers who have the unique gift of artfully explaining science, I am thrilled to include their research in our curriculum.  Mary Biles has written many illuminating articles that we have incorporated into our programs.

Dr. L J Rose, Natural Wellness Academy 

Mary is a very talented writer and a pleasure to work with. She takes editorial feedback well and often delivered content that far exceeded my expectations. Many of these articles went viral and got over 3000 shares. It’s hard to find a freelance writer who truly cares about the subject they are writing about.

Mary is also a great networker and knows how to develop relationships with key players and put them at their ease when conducting interviews. She has a strong network of contacts with researchers and scientists at universities around the world as well as close links to activists and campaigners who are working on the grass roots level.

Ian Chapman, Entrepreneur and Marketing Director

We have known of Mary's work for a long time and finally were able to hire her to write an article for us recently. That article was so well written and appealing, it became the most popular article in the history of The Cannapedia. To this day, Mary's article continues to get more views, comments, and shares than any other article on our website. Mary's style is informative, yet intimate and engaging. We look forward to working with her again in the future, and highly recommend her for any writing assignment, especially those on the subject of Cannabis!

DJ Nicke, Executive and Co-Founder of The Cannapedia- a nonprofit for sharing accurate and quality information on the Cannabis plant

I met Mary when I was taking my first steps having Medical Cannabis as a legitimate treatment for kids and adults with Autism. Mary dived deep into the subject, doing a real research, and her work reflected the complexity, the challenges and the big hope I have for this treatment.

Abigail Dar, Cannabis for Autism Advocate and Consultant, Israel 

Mary Biles | Medical Cannabis Journalist | Author | Educator |
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